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Pure  Louisiana Soul introduces: “Us Up North”
Our Menu of Culinary Experiences

“Us Up North”Lunches, Dinners and Cooking Demos
A Tasting of North Louisiana Cuisine prepared by Chef Harris and other local chefs. Up north we have our own flavors and cooking styles. It’s all about our fields and fresh waters. “Straight from the red dirt and fresh waters of Nor​th Louisiana, we offer you our soul in a bowl”.  

You're invited to a special venue for a cooking demo and tasting, learning first hand about cooking traditions that make us so unique up north. In this relaxed setting, guests will enjoy a soul-warming sit down feast as they enjoy some of north Louisiana’s most popular homemade dishes.
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"Us Up North"
™  Food Tours
Join Chef Harris as she introduces you to the finest foods Louisiana’s other side has to offer. We have a little bit of everything and it’s done so well.  Our tours will show you just how diverse Louisiana really is, starting with your taste buds. As you learn the rich history of our local eateries, sampling some of their most popular menu items will instantly make you feel like family. We do love cooking for family!  

The food tours will stop at 4-5 of our most popular local eateries. Guest will sample some of the best our local chefs have to offer such as stuffed shrimp, fried fish, juicy burgers, Cajun/Creole, Greek, Soul Food and Italian dishes.  We’ll finally also have a chance to introduce the world to our famous daiquiris to-go and wine bars.
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